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I know I'm incredibly unfit, but it only became clear just how unfit I am when I tried cycling the 1.5miles from my house to work and almost cried 2mins in. I decided then and there that it was about time I did some real exercise. I was introduced to a program similar to C25K a few months ago but instead of a podcast it was just instructions on a piece of paper and I had to keep glancing at my watch while running/walking which naturally made me feel more stressed than anything. Then I found the C25K podcasts and started running last week.

I found Week1 a lot easier than I was expecting -- i.e. I was quite tired but I wasn't close to fainting or dying which was the case with the previous program. So I decided to keep going even though I run week1 in 10 days rather than a week due to time constraints. I've just come back from the first run of week2. I definitely struggled a lot more but I did battle through it in the end. I'm afraid my motivation will run out any day now. So I thought I'd ask if you guys have any tips of how to keep it up?

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  • Well done. I started the podcasts in January of this year having never run. I found I struggled with the first ones because I was so unfit but also felt a bit stupid plodding around. After about 3 weeks though I found I had become naturally hooked and started looking forward to going out on runs. I think quite a lot of people find the more they do the more they want to do - hopefully you will catch the bug too. You probably think at this stage that you won't but that is how I felt at the begining. If you feel you are starting to wane come on here and I'm sure you'll get a lot of support to keep you motivated.

  • This forum is the most amazing place, full of great people who share their experiences - the ups and the downs. Well done for starting - keep it up, and keep reading on here. If you have a quick look through you'll see where people have lost some motivation and the encouragement they receive is wonderful.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you both. I shall keep reading. W2R2 done as well...

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