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Week 7 run 2, take 2!

I've definitely discovered over the past few weeks that the longer the runs, the longer I need to recover!

I almost managed W6R3, but then moved onto W7R1 and was successful. W7R2 was horrific, and I got quite down about it all - that was Wednesday, and I only managed to get myself out again today (and that was a challenge).

Successfully managed the 25 minutes (And about 20 seconds after!), and even managed to pick up my speed a bit with one minute to go!

I changed my route a little bit this time (repeating a loop, rather than one large loop) and took the monster hill out - this was a massive help, and I think I'll stick to that route from now on.

Really proud of myself. I'm not sure I'll ever "enjoy running", but I definitely enjoy the feeling I get after I've been out.

Hoping that eventually, these longer runs won't be so much of a challenge physically and mentally, but for now, I know I can do it, so just got to keep it up!

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Well done Aytriaris. :) I think I'm in a similar place to you, and maybe need to give myself a bit longer to recover. I (nearly) did W6,R2 today, but ended up walking a couple of times during the second 10 minute run. :( It seems crazy to me, after successfully completing W5,R3 first time. I don't think my body has recovered from the last few runs with only one day off in between. I felt exhausted before I even started! I'm wondering whether to give myself 2 or more days rest before trying again. Did you find your second attempt at W7,R2 felt easier, physically and/or mentally? Did you do anything else on your 'rest days' instead of running? I want to start enjoying c25k again and get that good after-run feeling back that has been lacking on my last few runs.


Well done for completing it! I found I needed my 2 rest days each week to help with the 'drained' feeling I was getting from the longer runs.

Like you, I'm not sure running is something I will ever say I enjoy, but I do enjoy the buzz of pushing myself through the podcasts.

Best of luck for your next run :)


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