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Week 4 Run 3 completed...AND in my new minimalist running shoes and loved, loved, loved it even more!!

I've been doing a lot of research into barefoot/minimalist running and I've finally bought a pair (or my husband has, for my birthday) of the New Balance Minimus Trail (mens size 9 it turns out as I have wide feet!).

I have just been out for my final run of week 4 in them this evening and they're brilliant!! It took me a little while to find my stride and whether I'm a forefoot/midfoot runner, turns out I'm forefoot, and my calves where a little sore at the end but then the big hill didn't help but I loved every minute of it.

My legs didn't feel heavy, my shins didn't ache and my knees weren't sore. I could have ran further but of course as they're minimalist there isn't much support so you have to take it steady at first and alternate between the minimalist shoe and your normal trainers till you build up the strength in your feet but soooo very much looking forward to running in them again.

Happy Days!!! :o)

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Haven't commited to buying running shoes so sounds interesting.......... didn't want to go out buy running shoes and then give up after one week. On wk4 so thinking I'm get the bug so maybe time to invest.

Happy running


Go for it, barefoot/minimalist running really does feel totally natural, just as it should do. I'd definitely going to a shop so they can assess your feet and you can try them on. I'm usually a size 7/41, 8ish depending on the shoe but like I said in my blog I ended up with mens size 9 lol! They're black and bright orange but I'm not at all bothered what they look like...just so glad that I enjoy running again :o)


I really want to give it a go - keep eyeing up those Vibram 5 fingers, they just look so much fun and after reading up a load of stuff on barefoot running, it definitely sounds worth trying! In your case, the future clearly is bright and orange! ;-)


Hi, did you get them? The Vibram Fivefingers? I'm loving my new trainers, I've now got both my brother and sister-in-law running in minimalist shoes haha! I've almost finished reading 'Born to Run' by Christopther McDougall, worth a read if you haven't read it already...if you haven't bought any barefoot shoes now, you will do after reading this book lol.


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