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Loving the program but not losing weight!!

This program is amazing!! I came across it by chance while speaking to a friend of mine. It has been my dream to run continuously for 30 mins for years. Unfortunately I was a big smoker and binge drinker in my teens and twenties and my health suffered. I gave up smoking three year ago when I hit 30 and now only drink occasionally, however, whatever I did, I just could not run for more than a few minutes.Last year I started interval running with my boyfriend but my fitness just did not improve and I got fed up. Looking back now I realise that the pace was just too much.

Since starting this 6 weeks ago my running has improved so much - I just did week 6 run two today and it was my best yet. In fact i felt so good that I carried on running for an extra two minutes after laura told me to stop so i managed 10 minues and was hardly out of breath. Now I am really looking forward to (although very scared) about run 3, the dreaded 20 minutes which I will run on Wednesday.

My only issue is, I have been running every other day for the last two weeks and have been cycling on my so called rest days. On top of that I have been eating only 1500 calories a day since I put on half a stone on my recent holiday. The annoying thing is I have not lost a single pound during that time....I am feeling so annoyed!!! Does anybody have any ideas as to why??? or has anyone else had a similar experience. I really want to lose a stone (from 11 to 10) but at this rate it is never going to happen!!

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A lot of people have said that it's likely the muscle building that occurs during the first few weeks. Apparently (and I'm also waiting for it to happen - trying to get from 10st 10 to hopefully 10st, but preferably down to 9st 7lb...) the weight starts to come off once you get to the longer runs.

Well done on doing so much exercise, though! Must be frustrating to not lose the weight, but that's the only reason I can think of, especially if your body isn't used to doing so much exercise and eating far less than normal.


Have a look at this onk, hopefully will explain. I had the same issue. You will fin that you body shape will change dramatically with toning. Well done by the way. I am on wk 5, gave up smoking about 4 month ago, am 38 and drank most days since I was about 18, not loads but glass or 2 every night if you know what I mean. Anyway give thi a read, hope it helps


Thank you so much....this will definately keep me motivated!!! Can't wait to see the weight come dropping off. More importantly I am enjoying exercising for the first time in my life!!!


Jimbob74 is right. I lost 0 weight (that's right) 0 weight throughout the first seven weeks although my clothes were definitely looser on me. Then from week eight on a pound here and a pound there disappeared. I am now 1/2 stone lighter and delighted with myself as I am eating like a horse. All I need to do now is get a bit of speed going!


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