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Motivation Station

I was supposed to do week 3 run 2 today but I didn't : (

No motivation, feeling tired and drained. I've been following Slimming world and have done lots of extra exercise, including a yoga class yesterday.

Today I've eaten things I shouldn't have and been thoroughly lazy.

Forgive me Laura...I promise to get back to it tomorrow.

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Aww .. just one of those days. Put it behind you and dont dwell. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason behind bad runs. I will try and follow my own advice! Good luck! :)


I had a blip recently too, two bad runs in a row - after two rest days I felt more energetic and slowed my pace down and got through the run. Don't beat yourself up if you're feeling lethargic and unmotivated - your body is adjusting at its own pace. Maybe the extra exercise is taking it out of you?


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