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What a Day in the Life !

Panic ensues, who’s unplugged my lifeline? Where’s Laura? Why when I open MY favourite does it say HTTP 400 Bad Request? The web page cannot be found ! Yet I’m still receiving vital info via my fb to lose 3 stone in 10 days (making me 38lb underweight I don’t think so) Get Free solar panels (just paid for mine :) Everybody deserves cake (no argument there) Could I foster? Made a noise reminiscent of Homer, then realised it wasn’t lager … Doh

and as if that wasn't enough ... yesterday (Sat) should have been W5R1, though I have deferred this to today (Sun), which is not the end of the world … to keep my motivation up I’m going to turn the tables on the blog for this, write it before rather than after the run and see if I can be as inspirational to myself as the 3 ladies in my life this week :) see previous blog

Anyway on with the run in hand – I set out early morning, have the street and green to myself, all’s well with the world, the birds are singing, though I’m listening to Laura :) The freshly cut grass from beneath my feet smells sweet, I have to adjust my sunglasses because I’m just not used to wearing them whilst running! I can feel a slight cool breeze on my athletic limbs as I circle the perimeter. Time flies effortlessly as Laura and I run in mutual admiration – then that final sensation the ultimate sweet taste of success – W5R1 complete :) … run mrstickle run straight home to write the blog ...

:( but it was not to be this am, the lurgy has full grip on me so watch this space :) just like Arnie, I'll be back x

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