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No puddle jumping today!

I have just completed w5 r1 and it is the first day I have not had to dodge puddles, slugs or snails. It is really nice to run in drier conditions, but I had got used to the rain. I don't miss it, but I will have to go out earlier as I do get warmer quicker so I may have a slightly earlier alarm for my weekend runs and run later I'm the evening for the weekday ones. I really can't manage to get out of bed earlier than I already do.

However I am still amazed that I have got this far at the beginning week 5 seemed a so far away and the I never believed I would be able to run for 5 mins, let alone 3 times in one run!

Bring on run 2!

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Yay! I'm just back from Week 5 run 1 too! Could't believe when on the third run Laura said there were 2.5 mins left, I still felt ok, not brilliant but ok. Fingers crossed for run 2 on a work day!


well done :) Week 5 is a good week because at the end of it you really feel you might make a go of this running lark! I agree it's good to run in the dry although it's back to the treadmill for me if the ground gets too hard because I'm trying to protect my joints nad prefer to run on soft ground.


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