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An early start for W3R1

I didn't manage to write blogs for last week's 2nd and 3rd run, but they were both pretty much fine.

I've got plans all day tomorrow so I had to start week 3 a day early, which doesn't really bother me. I worked out that today I was running for the same amount of time as week 2, but doubling the time of each run to 3 minutes made me feel a lot better about finishing today. I set my alarm early so that I could try running first thing, as I've heard it's a popular time to go out. The weather is really nice this morning which made me even more keen to head out. The first half of the session was fine, and the fact that Laura was talking to me whilst I was running made the 3 minutes seem shorter.

When I turned back to the car, it was a different story... The wind was really strong which made my pace seem even slower, but Laura was right with her advice: if I kept going, I would feel 100 times better afterwards!

I'm feeling really good about reaching week 3. I never knew I was even capable of running for 3 minutes at a time without ending up crawling towards the end! I guess if I can do it, anyone can :)

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Fab, Hannahgal! Well done. It's a great feeling when it all goes according to plan! Laura is a real life-saver on that first longer 3 minute run. Onwards and upwards!!


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