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first time without Laura!

Well I have just come back from Wk8 r3 - and I did it without Laura, I missed her encouragement but discovered the motivation of one of my favourite songs coming on just as I had had enough - so kept going till the song ended and found i had broken the 3k barrier. Realise this is really slow but feels like a step up for me. I have registered for park run as a motivation after I graduate but can someone tell me how slow the slowest go - I don't want to be a complete idiot!

Cannot believe that I only have 3 runs left till graduation - who would have believed the very red faced, puffing person starting out 10 weeks ago (I had a little cold issue around week4) would be able to run for 30 minutes - bring it on!

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Yesterday (saturday) it took me 45:04 min to get round Bushy (aka very flat) Parkrun. I walked briskly for 5 min and then did run1 min walk 1 min intervals until I crossed the finish line. I was 835/839. My slowest was 53:30min and my PB is 41:40. I started Parkrun before starting C25K but had a year of long (5K) slow (1 hr 15 min +) dogwalks behind me when I did so I knew I would finish eventually. Sally W is a regular at Bushy Park run (she's done 160!!!!) It usually takes her 50-60 min. Waiting finish line for her to arrive there was nothing but admiration for her determination and perseverence.

Parkfun is great fun.


KANdoit - thank you - this is really helpful and gives me inspiration - need to set myself a date and just go and do it I guess


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