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1st run after injury

After pulling a calf muscle last sunday I have had to rest all week, how frustrating. I have been doing the old "rice" and today I thought I would try a short run. I did a warm up brisk walk for a mile then ran slowly for 1.7 miles and I got a twinge in my calf so slowed down to a brisk walk for the last mile home. Came back did some calf stretches and then elevated my leg with an icepack. It feels okay so I think I will just do 3 short runs this week to see how it goes before pushing back to my 30mins. I would never have believed 11 weeks ago I would be so upset that i cant run, what a change in lifestyle and mindset. Well done to all of you who are, just starting, half way through, gratduated and those of us who continue to run. This has been a life changing experience for me as I hope it is has been for all who participates. Thanks for getting me off the couch :)

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