Rest (less) day

Rest day today between W3R2 and 3. As soon as I've done a run I want to run again the same day...and on the rest day. Consequently I am fidgety and restless and can't wait to get on with my next run day (even though I dread not being able to do the prescribed schedule). Having said that, I AM sticking to the advice of the programme to observe the rest days and just do some brisk walking or swim or something low-impact. This is all very unusual for me!!!!!

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  • well done, soozz, self-discipline is important in a runner! If you like to get out, can I suggest cycling? Fresh air, speed and distance- just like running really! :)

  • I had a similar experience for the first few weeks. I wanted to run on the rest days (and because of how our screwy lunch breaks are set out, thought I had to) but I don't think it helped. I've gotten into a Tue, Thu, Sat routine now and that seems to be paying off. If I get the urge then I just go for a walk instead.

  • I know that feeling all too well, Soozz. ;) It tends to wear off just in time for my next run, and gets replaced by self-doubt instead. I think rest days are really important (I struggled in week 2 because I was being more active on my 'rest' days) and I'm trying to use run days to be even more active instead, once my run is out of the way.

  • I feel absolutely the same, know that self-doubt feeling only too well.

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