Couch to 5K

Sometimes all I need is the air that I … (sneeze)

I last ran on Wednesday W4R3 … Thursday the lurgy arrived :( stinking headache, achy limbs, loss of appetite and ME of all people feeling downright miserable !! Friday I set off determined to at least manage aqua – yay such a rewarding thrash in time to the music – surpassed only by working harder than ever to drench the fellow synchroniser who’d not only arrived late! “squeezed” me out of MY space in the pool !! and proceeded to chat incessantly to those around her !!! well excluding myself, strange that …

Why do people do that? Pay for a class and go for a chin-wag and wander in the pool like they’re going to reap the benefits without “putting it in”. The instructor knows me oh toooo well … knowing glances exchanged she seemed to choreograph the class so I could really get my rising frustration out by “going for it” “come on ladies dig deep” “give it some more” then the thought struck me does Laura have a sister?

Here I am obediently listening and doing, giving it my all, all on the say-so of another inspirational lady because I know that’s what gets results for me :)

So does it matter in the grand scheme of things if my pool companion didn’t quite achieve the same level of intensity, maybe she was trying her best? though putting “she could do better” on her end of term report is tempting … the things that run through my mind in a 45 min class … so time up, pool empties, competitive streak sees me achieve a gold medal in dash to the showers event, then said lady walks towards changing room pausing only to collect her crutches …

... maybe I still have a label addiction to work on (see previous blog)

So today should be W5R1, though I shall probably defer this to tomorrow, which is not the end of the world … to keep my motivation up I’m going to turn the tables on my next blog, write it before rather than after the run and see if I can be as inspirational to myself as the 3 ladies in my life this week :)

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great blog mrstickle. Hmm. Recognised myself there in that pool scenario - kind of humbling isn't it when we suddenly get those little 'windows' into what someone else might be dealing with.

Personal pet hate - women with very strong perfume who 'snowplough' the swimming pool lanes 3 abreast, chatting as they swim v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, oblivious to the solo length-swimmers having to slalom round them! Feel I would have to see them collect 2 pairs of crutches at least one prosthetic limb and a wheelchair to begin to feel the necessary forgiveness for that one...


:) poulet, makes you wonder at times, but to be like that in the swimming lanes! liking the 'windows' analogy (hope that's what I mean!)


Brillant post, well done you on going to aqua whilst lurgy-fied, I would have wimped out, probably had a month off any exercise lol!

Cringe making about that lady with crutches, but your comments on how you give 100% whilst others dont even get out of breath struck a huge chord with me, I used to do aqua and would come out beetroot faced with all the effort.


thanks Deryn6, just contemplating wether I can manage to drive to class tomorrow let alone participate ... missed my fix on here to as still lurgified! might just change my name to Victor Meldrew :)


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