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W1R1 -

Adopted the 'just do it' mantra to finally get started. no more excuses like...i havent downloaded all the weeks runs or ......oh I have not syncd my ipod yet. Got back from a hedonistic day out, got the garden chair out and thought, No! this wont do. just put your trainers on and do it. Took the advice given on my question which really motivated me...and off i went. Planned my route......down to the river.... Hurdle No. 1. Bridge closed...Damn, had to go back the way I came......Hurdle No. 2. Bumped into chatty neighbour who wanted to chat....panicked as I couldn't stop the Ipod!!!!.....Anyway finally did it. Felt really pleased with myself. BB (my border collie) was great company and loved joining in the game of run, stop, run stop.....bring on Sunday for W1R2.

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That sounds great. I'm only on week 2 but *whisper* enjoying it in a sort of 'this is killing me!' way! My cat is less good company though :-)


I'm glad I'm not the only one who faces those challenges. I'm now dillydallying trying to find reasons not to go on my second run of week one. Mylegs are still killing me from last time! I'll just put another load of washing in and do some tidying, oh and maybe check my emails and then I'll have another think about it!


Well done to all of you in weeks 1 and 2 - keep it up - if you can just manage to keep getting out there for the first few runs the bug starts to bite and you actually do start to look forward to it, honest!

I'm speaking as someone who was a seasoned exercise-avoider for 25 odd years. You are doing just great, keep going and keep blogging :)


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