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Encouraging signs

Did W3R2 today and amazingly it went OK. I mean, I was ready to stop the second Laura said "Slow down" after both 3 minute sections. I jog so slowly I'm practically not moving anyway. But I feel good and really quite enjoyed it. It seems weird now when I walk around the places where I do my running, it's like 2 completely different universes - you're so absorbed and in the moment when you're running. Anyway, the encouraging sign was that my trackies were sort of looser than they were and in fact needed hitching up several times, which means I MUST be losing some millimetres round my waist. Yippee!

Why do I have a sneaking feeling that after all my (to some extent unfounded) worries about week 3, I'm going to get caught unawares next week?

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You will be fine next week, up to now all my worries have been unfounded, I bet yours have to. I've done week 4 this week and just took it very steady at first and do you know what, less walking wasn't so'll be great!


Congratulations on your efforts, and moreover now that they are paying off! I'm sure that if you keep running regularly you will lose more millimetres : )

I'm also sure that you will be fine when week 3 comes! Just keep at it, and enjoy it!


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