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Getting fatter???

I am beyond puzzled by my latest discovery, not to mention quite upset. I was in a mad rush this am and grabbed the first item that came my way (in the dark, as my other half was snoozing away). It so happened to be my "fat" skirt (the biggest item of clothing I possess and rarely wear as it is* too big). Shock and horror ensued as I struggled to pull the offending article over my thighs and hips and soon realised I couldn't do it up. I looked like an overstuffed sausage (pencil skirt!). My diet hasn't deteriorated and I have been running for 11 weeks. What's going on???

Stéphanie, changing her name to Chubster

(* was, boo hoo!)

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It's probably shrunk !

I think the new exercise makes you hungrier for the first few weeks/months and any weight loss tends to come a bit later on.


Could you be leaner ...but with bigger running muscles ...what was the waistline like ...possibly looser?


Sadly it's not shrunk, it's one of that type of material. I wear a lot of wrap dresses where weight gain might not be so obvious so i tried on the rest of my more fitted clothes and yes, they are all too small. I am mortified, the waistline seems to be the most affected area, KANdoit. So the sun is now out and so are my rolls! Strict diet ahead, methinks...:(


If you've been having recovery snacks or power drinks you might have actually been taking in more calories over the past 11 weeks than you thought you were. Laura does reccommend fruit, but often, even this is not needed to sustain the body for what is actually only the expenditure of about 300 calories a time. Most of us can cope with that from our reserves :)


Many people I know of (I go on the Weightwatchers boards too) tend to overestimate the calories running uses, and overcompensate, ie, eat more, to fuel runs/reward themselves, I wondered if this might be a possibility?

This link shows calories burned per 10 mins running according to your weight and the speed you run.

My average speed is still so slow I am not even on this scale yet!

I do have a Garmin (with heart rate monitor) tells me how many cals I use which is interesting reading. I have lost nearly 5 stone with WW in a year, took up running Xmas time and lost steadily since but more to the point have really really shaped up my flabby backside and legs!


totally with you on this one!!!!!


Thanks for your replies. I think I might have found the culprit, I run on an empty stomach and whilst I do not feel I eat more to refuel as such, I have been eating a lot more bread than I ever used to for breakfast. After I run I always fancy hearty bread and jam (not forgetting butter!), I used to eat porridge before and that must make a big difference after a while. I will finish my delish Bonne Maman jam and go back to oats for good!


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