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Lurking but I'm back

Lurking but I'm back

W8R1 done today and done with a fastest ever kilometer - 6 min 17 seconds. I know I wont win any world records but that is a personal best. I logged my run only this time and didn't count my warm up/cool down but I still covered 4.1km in 29.39, the longer time is due the fact I forgot to stop my watch for 1.39 seconds of the cool down *grr*.

5k might be a challenge but it looks achievable.

I enjoyed this run so so much and I'm so happy & proud of myself. I will remember this run when I have a bad run, so I can remind myself why I LOVE running.

What made this run even better was that I have tried to do it 3 times and failed for the following reasons but I started again:

1. Got 10 minutes in and ran out of poo bags for dog, am a good citizen so didn't want to carry on in case I had nothing to clean up any messes with. So turned back.

2. On the second try I got up at 5am, oh the torture, and started to run. Got 5 minutes in and it started to rain so heavily, I was with the dog so we turned back.

3. This time I aced it!! Yay!!

I am honestly just so proud of myself and if I feel like this now I can only imagine how good all you graduates felt. Every run has been an achievement and today as I ran (zoomed may be too much of an exaggeration) past points where I used to be begging Laura to tell me stop I felt on top of the world. My breathing was perfect, my pace was steady and I was in the zone. The sun was shining and there was a lovely breeze. I felt like a runner!!! Also when I was sat at work today, all stressed and chewed up I was dreaming of a family size bar of choc, some popcorn and a movie but instead I had a run and am sat eating an apple feeling smug & happy

Any how I'll stop know whilst I am beaming from ear to ear, I'm off to chew my OH's ear off about my fantastic run.

PS I know the next run will be torture, it will all have to balance out!! Lol!!

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Fab blog :) I just love those runs where you feel like a proper runner when everything comes together. Thats the reason I still go out regularly...searching for that feeling :) :)


Thank you - I think searching for this feeling will now be the quest of every run :)


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