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W1R2 out of the way.

I'd had a rubbish day at work, and was sorely tempted to give it a miss.

I am so glad I never....I have made a commitment and for once I am going to stick to it.

So how did I do?

Much better than I expected.......still didn't manage the full session in one go, but did more than W1R1.

This time it was only the last 2 runs I couldn't do, so during my wee breather I did my resistance training again (this is giving me more aches than the treadmill), then completed the last two runs.

I have the podcast on my phone and it certainly helps.......hopefully tomorrow will be the day I break my duck and complete the session in one go....Its not the end of the world if I don't.

I'm tempted to have an extra session on Monday, but that would mean doing my first W2 run without a rest day....what do you reckon?

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Running is a great stress buster so good way of casting off rubbish work days, well done. Keep up the good work, it will all come together before very long.


I'm definitely finding it cathartic after a tough day at work. Plus I'm doing mine early in the morning (so nobody sees!) and I feel like I've already achieved something by the time I'm normally staggering out of bed! :-)


Well done! I love that after a carp day at work my response now is to change into my kit, and take the dog out for a run! A year ago I would have comfort ate/drunk and slouched on the sofa thinking about work and feeling miserable, followed often by a bad nights' sleep!


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