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Wk 8 Runs 2 & 3 completed, onward to Wk 9

Completed these runs and was really chuffed. Run 2 was on Wednesday, run 3 today.

Managed to go a bit further today in the same time. Had another runner shout a bit of support this morning as we passed each other, 'Go us girls, keep it up' made me smile, long time since I was called a girl. Anyway had a nice ring to it, so that was my mantra this morning I kept saying this with every footstep. A bit of encouragement goes a long long way.

Good luck everyone on your next run.

Just 3 more biggies to complete :)

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You're going to be polishing your OWN shiny green badge this time next week, newyorker!

Good going! So glad it's coming together for you!



Thanks Grammadog, got the polish ready he he ;)


Well done, you are doing brilliantly, it is a lovely feeling when you start feeling part of the running fraternity - or should that read "sorority" since you are a girl (again)!


Thanks Deryn yes definitely feeling the love from the other runners :)


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