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mind in the right place...longest run

I knew today was going to be a good run, was even thinking about it as I woke up this morning. Sun was shining which was a good omen. So wanted to do longer run but not been able to so far. So despite stoppping for 30 seconds twice to catch my breath and once for the steep hill.

I did 6.48km in 51 mins so am pleased with myself.

This afternoon its walking the dog, so going to rack up more km with that too.

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Good for you! My longest run was 3.8 miles (6.12 km) in 53 minutes. I am currently working on improving my speed by re-doing the program at a faster pace, and hopefully can run noticeably further in the same amount of time by the time I finish.

I walk the dogs, too, but that is literally a walk (even with them pulling on their leashes) in the park compared to C25K.


Well I walked 8.6km with the dog yesterday afternoon as well as my jog in the morning, so I earned the glass of wine or two last night.


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