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Only one more to go! - and the weight is finally coming off

Week 9 Run 2 done.

I am 5 ft tall and in my 20's weighed 7 st. After I got married I put on a few pounds and after two children put on a few more but I have never been huge. After being diagnosed with epilepsy 18 months ago I was warned the medication was likely to make me put on weight which slowly over time it has. So when I started this programme I was 9 st - I know some of you are saying 9 st what is she worried about but that is 2 st more than I used to be, my clothes don't fit and I didn't want to keep creeping up the scales.

C25K came along and I was hoping to see some weight loss. I knew that because I don't have that much to lose it would be harder to shift but hope I did. Each time I got on the scales I couldn't believe I hadn't lost anything. Well finally it is starting to shift - 8 st 10 this morning - YIPEE !!!!

I'll be happy for 8st 7lb for my holiday and 8st as my final weight - bring it on!!!

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Good for you, my initial thought was how lucky you are to only weigh what you do (my target is in the 9's but top end will prob be best I can manage and maintain)... but you know your body and what is a good weight for you. Well done on your loss so far. I am also following a healthy eating plan so am finding I am loosing weight most weeks (1-2lbs) but its hard to know how much of that is from running and how much form watching what I eat.


Congratulations on your run, and also for tackling you weight creep before it gets out of control. Your state of mind will help you to stay healthy and better attuned to when an epileptic episode may be coming on. Also, you are setting a great example for your family. Keep up the great work.


I completed C25K three weeks ago. I have dropped a dress size & look slimmer but have only lost a couple of pounds. I'm much more toned & I'm looking a lot leaner. I feel so much happier with myself & that is all that matters. I didn't notice much difference untill I'd nearly finished the program. Keep up the good work.


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