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It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Yay!! According to Laura I'm now a runner! Not sure she would say that if she actually saw me though!!!!

Wk6r3 done and dusted. I loved the run (apart from last 2 mins) and I had so much fun :-) not saying it was easy,far from it but I felt as if it was "right". The only way I got through those last few minutes was by wanting to hear Laura say that I am now a runner!! How sad is that?

When I did finish all 25 minutes I felt as if I had performed a miracle (well in one way it is as if I'd said 6 weeks ago I would be running for 25mins then I would have laughed out loud). I felt as if I could conquer anything! (yes even week 7!!)

When Laura actually said I was a runner I must admit I choked up a bit. I did this for ME! I have done this and well on my way to graduating :-)

Happy? You bet!!

Is it too early for a celebratory drink?? After all it's 5o'clock somewhere!

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Have a large one you deserve it - congratulations :)


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