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Motivation required for recent graduate

Hi all,

This is my first blog post, now about 4 weeks postgrad, as during the programme I found reading through everybody else's blogs and answers was enough to keep me going, and was really useful, so many thanks to all of you.

Background: 24 year old complete couch potato, relying entirely on diets to lose 2 1/2 stone, refusing to do any exercise, until April 2012 ;)

I've continued running since graduation, 3 times a week for between 20 and 30 minutes. But without a goal and no longer using the podcasts, I find it hard to push myself further to complete 30 minutes, and doing circuits I know will only take 25 mins max, when with Laura I would have added an extra loop to make sure I completed the time.

Without having a goal in mind, it's hard to know what I'm aiming for. I don't really wanna be doing more than 30 minutes running, apart from perhaps one on a weekend (up to 45 mins :O), so how can I keep this new me going? Shall I just stick with the week 9 podcast, boring though it may get?

Any advice appreciated and thanks again for all your help throughout the programme.


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I came into it not wanting to do much more that 30 minutes either and after graduation also wasn't sure quite where to go. I stuck with the week 9 podcast for a while afetr wards (couple of months or so I would guess but it was a while ago now) as fundamentally I "knew" I just wanted to do 30mins and I knew that would keep me going as it was quite easy to stop after 20 or so.

I just found that as I was doing this and it got a bit easier that I started playing games with it a bit, different routes, same routes but tagging a bit extra on so I had to go a bit faster, chased down 5K then I could do ParkRuns.

Then a horrible thing started to happen, I started despite all my self control and discipline :'-(

to run a little further and a little further, add a couple of races in here and there and especially cross country! I love cross country!

No plan really which doesn't entirely help I guess but in short I would stick with week 9 for now as it ticks all your boxes and use the one at the weekend for a bit of "play time". Do a ParkRun once a month if you have one close by that gives you a nice peg for times and a chance to be competitive with yourself (get 5 secs of the time each month :-) ) and still falls in your 5k/30 minute curfew.

In a month or two I will let you know about a good tip for decreasing your 5K time ;-)

Just see how it unfolds as your fitness improves. You have done the hard work getting to here, just enjoy it for a bit.


Do you use any running aps? I use endomondo and I've set it so that it tells me everytime u complete a km. it then tells me how fast the last km was. I am currently doing 4 km which I managed to do in under 30 mins on my last run :) I shall soon be upping to 5 k and trying to get that to around 30 mins before I start adding more distance.

But with a good play list and endomondo telling me at each km, it gives me the kick I need to complete each run.


to add to the above two comments, why not have two runs a week of 30 minutes and see if you can improve the distance you do in that 30 minutes (improving stamina)- for your third run do 5k, i.e. distance and see if you can improve your speed.


You could add in some hill runs in (they hurt but you a get a nice high) or threshold running (where your legs feel very heavy and its hard work). Try some different routes to mix things up a bit. I keep buying new music to entertain myself. Get a subscription to a running mag- lots of tips there. Aim at a 10k, just to see if you can do and to challenge yourself? I'm aiming at a half marathon but having a week off as upped my miles too quick (lesson learnt there)!


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