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Week 4 Days 1 and 2

Had a heck of a time uploading a blog for the first run here. Finally gave up after the site timing out on me several times. So I'm combining the two runs today.

1st Run: (complete blog:

There were quite a few "I don't think I can do this" moments in this run, but I persevered and didn't quit. Granted, my "running" was more like a very brisk march by the end, but the important part was I didn't give up and pushed myself all the way through it.

And that's what's important - not that you ran for 5 minutes at a time (twice!) but that you don't give up, that you push yourself to meet your goal. Because that's what the C25K programme is all about - proving to yourself that you can do this, that you can set a goal and get to (and beyond) it.

2nd Run: (complete blog:

I found this run to be quite a bit easier than the first run of the week, surprisingly. The backs of my thighs were really tight and achy from cleaning my son's room the day before (lots of squats and bending over at the waist) and I was honestly thinking of taking an extra couple of rest days, doing the second run on Friday and the third run on Monday. Instead, I went out hoping that running would help my sore thighs instead of hurt them more. I was partly right. While I was running, my legs didn't hurt at all, but once I slowed back down to a walk, the pain came back with a vengeance! For the first time ever, the running parts were actually easier than the walking parts of the podcast!

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Well done - the runs are just flying by aren't they?! I hope you gave your thigh muscles a decent stretch at the end of the podcast so that you don't end up feeling really stiff?

Good luck for run 3 :)


Well done Muir was wondering why we hadn't seen an update from you. Keep up the good work and I agree it sounds as if you need to do some good stretches to ease off the muscles after your runs. If you don't already perhaps a good walk on rest days would help too. But listen to your body.


Hi Muir, Glad to see you back. I had really tight calves and heavy legs in the middle of the programme but found stretching really helped. Oldgirl posted some a while back at At some point the problem largely disappeared and I only have a problem now if I don't stretch. Good luck :-)


Hey Muirdragonne well done! :-) We're just about at the same point, except you overtook me (I did day 2 today as have been away a few days), was wondering how you & the other week 4 people were getting on.

Totally agree about making sure you finish the run no matter how slow you go, but take care if you have muscle strain - have you tried Tiger Balm or something like that? Best of luck for Wk 4 run 3 (& beyond :-O )!


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