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better day today with my best running partner Laura

Much better day today managed to run for 20 minutes not fast but I did it.

I had Laura with me today and she is certainly a great motivator.

I did have argument with my bad self and wondered why I wanted to run anyway and who said I could then I remembered Laura said it so it must be true. !!

I also took out the special in-soles that I was given when I had my gait analysed. He said there was a small amount of rolling ankles but I am wondering if the in-soles over corrected as it was better with the original ones in.

I may do that run again and see how I feel towards the end of the next run and increase when I can.

Thanks for listening when I was down the other day this group really makes a difference.

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You're doing great, glendam!

It seems like several of us are having motivation issues right now....must be the weather. lol

It will be interesting to see how taking out the insoles affects your running. As our legs get stronger they seem to "self-correct"...when I ran (in my previous life) I quit using my orthotics after a while and "never looked back". (Wish I could find them now, she says with a wry smile.)

Good running to you!


Thanks Gramma feel much better now at least I run 20 I would hate to loose what I have learnt on here.

Never thought about my muscles getting stronger but I know they have in others ways so that may be the reason. Thanks


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