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Gaps - what's the best way to re-start

Did wk4 run 3 about 2 weeks ago and for various reasons have not continued, although I always intended to. I feel up to getting back onto the program but not sure where to start. I'm tempted to do week 5 run 1 but the podcast starts by saying that it might be a bit tough unless you recently completed week 4. I'm not sure how recent this means. Any thoughts....?

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If it was me and I didnt feel 100% confident about completing week 5 run 1 I would rerun week 4 run 3 to see how it went. If I found that tough I would keep reversing runs until I completed one and then start moving forward again.

Good Luck


3 weeks is quite a long time to be out of a 9 week programme, so try week 4 again because you will find the intervals helpful. If you've got lots of energy, just try speeding up the walking sections because they are great at building stamina. Let us know how you get on


Thanks for the comments. I took the plunge and went for week 5 run 1 and managed it. But only by running a bit slower. So I think I'll maybe do run 1 a couple more times before moving on.


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