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Route planning

I've been using the RunKeeper website to plan running routes for the past 2 months, it's quite handy giving you details and elevation details (no one likes hills right?). It's been really handy and I've found some great places to run.

But now I'm building my distance up, I've found the routes are getting longer and more complicated. It's no longer 'running around the block'.

How do others remember the route to take? Last weekend, I kinda made it up as I went after 4k and ended up getting lost once or twice and had to stop to check the map on my phone to get my bearings.

Any tips or tricks?

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I tend to chose quite long roads not too flat so I've got variation. I also mapped out roughly where I intend to run so that I have a pretty good idea of the distance before setting off. Once I got to week 7 of C25K I found it helped to keep me focused. I have a few routes that I really enjoy and now I'm trying to extend to 10K I've found that my favourite routes can be linked like a figure of 8 which is a huge bonus and brain confusing weapon for when you start to get tired. If you leave your very favourite route to link onto at the back end of the run your brain then tells your body "I love this route" and hey presto you sale through it. Hope this helps a bit.


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