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It just gets worse and worse!

Everything went wrong this morning. Husband was snoring like a train last night so I got up and made up a bed in the spare room. That has a heavier duvet than on our bed and I was too hot, but I did at least get some sleep. Then I was late getting out for my run. My left calf is still feeling tighter than a really tight tight thing despite the torture (I keep doing that, sorry, I mean sports massage) that it got yesterday.

I decided that I would "fly solo" this morning and untie myself from Laura's apron-strings. I had set up RunKeeper on my iPhone and decided to run to my own music.

1st mistake: I started RunKeeper when I left the house so that I would know when my 5 minute warm-up walk was done (I don't have a watch). So then at 5 minutes I was informed that my pace was massively behind my target (no, sh*t, Sherlock!). I should have stopped it and restarted it at that point, but I didn't.

2nd mistake: It appears that I didn't tie my left shoelace properly and so I had to stop part way through my run to tie it up. I've no idea how long I'd been running with it undone,

3rd mistake: I ran out of music. I hadn't really looked at how long the songs were and had sort of assumed that the playlist would start over again if I got to the end. Wrong.

My calves were feeling tight. I was out of music and was feeling fed-up. I stopped.

On the plus side, I ran for a little over 20 minutes, which is better than nothing. And I have learnt some lessons about using RunKeeper.

I got home and did my stretches (more of them than previously as the sports massage guy gave me some new ones to do) and my left calf hurts more than ever. But my shins didn't hurt today. One of the things he did yesterday was work on the (many) adhesions on my shins. That bit, at any rate, seems to have had an immediate positive impact. I'm hoping my foam roller will arrive this morning before I go away for the weekend. I won't be running over the weekend, but I do intend to work on my tight calves a bit if I'm able.

Next week is another week and I hope that I get my running mojo back. I'm missing the structure of the programme and am looking foward to the new podcasts so I can have someone in my ear who knows what they're talking about!

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you could always threaten hubby with the foam roller if he snores, gotta love those multi-tasking gadgets :)


lol :-)


Well done you for getting out there and running at all in spite of all the odds! I'm sure this is just a blip and you will get your mojo back soon and get the technology to behave itself too. And you could always kick hubby for snoring and pretend you are just stretching your calves! Here it's been a bit of a crazy as it is the last week of term so not as much running as I would have liked but hopefully next week will be better. Once the rellies we're going to stay with get over laughing at me in my nifty new Skapri! At least there will be some free baby sitting so no excuse for not running really! :-)


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