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W6R3 and Oldgirl's Muffins

After Monday's unsuccessful attempt at W6R3, tried again tonight ...... and didn't make it again. So frustrating! I dd at least manage it in two halves of 12.5 mins each this time, but still SO annoying not to do it. I mean, ive done 20 mins before, so why not now.......? My legs were definitely less tired today so yes, I needed that rest day after Sunday's 'running school' lengthy session. But tonight I just could not get the energy together to run any further. Grr! Oh well, I'll try again on Friday and keep on trying until I conquer it.

Ho hum, on a much happier note - Oldgirl posted a teasing picture of some muffins she made a few days ago.....and the recipe too. I made these last night! Half with choc chips for the husband and half with lemon and raisins for me. I can honestly say they are the yummiest muffins I have ever made - recipe works a treat (and I am atrocious at baking cakes). Thanks Oldgirl x

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Now you've reached the long runs there are bound to be times when things go well, and times when they go badly. Still, it sounds as if nothing is going to get you down so well done :) (I'm going to hunt up the muffin recipe: I usually make batches every few weeks to eat for my breakfast!)


It will click fillyfoo, just try and relax into your comfortable stride and try not to think about how far you have to go, and don't go too fast too soon.

Really pleased you liked the muffins, my hubby like chocolate ones too. For a change try date and walnuts, yummy :)


Must hunt out your recipe, saw the picture of the cakes days ago, they looked scrummy. Maybe a treat after my next run. That's tomorrow, better get baking. ;) Be thinking of them all the way round, muffin cake motivation.


Fillyfoo your next run will be a breeze, just jog real slow (shuffle) those minutes will go past real quick. We all got caught on week 6, it's been put there for a reason all about pacing yourself. Good luck on the next run. Glad you mentioned the muffins, off to bake some now.


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