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Wk8r1 and I first time I made 5k

28 minute run today meant that the podcast time (including walks) was 38 minutes and it took me every one of them to reach 5k. I can't seem to keep my 8.5kph run speed for the whole of the session so I start at that pace and drop to 7.5kph about 20 minutes in. I really want to get to a stage where I don't have to slow down but I guess it'll come. I only run twice a week now so I've got the energy for the rest of my gym session and swimming. 5 runs to go- amazing!

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Well done, I am still way off the 5k even with the walks :0(

still, I am hoping I am building up some stamina - I ran w8r2 this morning at 8.3kph, maybe I will try 8.5 on Friday if it gets you to 5k (eeek!!) good luck with your next run x


Well. Done you are doing really well and that's a really respectable speed.


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