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So...I did the 5K Race for Life on June 27th and was really prepared for it. BUT...I was actually diagnosed with the shingles just a few days before so ended up walking most of it :( I was absolutely heartbroken at the end of the run as I had trained so hard on the C25K and was doing BRILLIANTLY. Anyway, that was 3 weeks ago today and I am struggling to get back into it again. I was running 30 mins plus with no probs and am now struggling to run 15 mins. My plan was to complete the 5K, carry on doing that for 1 month or so and try and gradually increase my speed but it has all gone wrong. I desparately need some advice! Thanks :)

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I'm so sorry to hear you're having a tough time. I'm no expert, but I have heard shingles can knock you for six, and it's bound to take you some time to fully recover. Try repeating a couple of earlier weeks maybe, building up again to the 30 minutes?

Plan A went pear shaped - that's got to be upsetting after all the hard work, but Plan B is still better than not running at all - you have come SO far, you know you can do it, so be gentle on yourself while you get back there bit by bit... :) Let us know how you get on...


You don't need advice you need a hug, so sending you one ( 0 ) Shingles is a horrible illness and shouln't be taken lightly, so stop being so hard on yourself. The fact that you managed to walk 5K while suffering is huge credit to your determination, be very proud of yourself. It will take time to get your fitness back on track, but once you feel better the running will soon be back to as it was before your illness. Just take it slowly and steadily but don't overdo things you will not do yourself any favours. Take care. :)


Thank you poulet & Oldgirl. I have a really big lump in my throat now :) I just feel like I let myself (and everyone else) down at the Race for Life. I really struggled and when I look back at the photos I cannot believe how beat I looked. I was embarrassed more than anything. I started doing SW when I first started the C25K and managed to loose over 2 stone but I can't seem to find the determination to get back in the saddle :(


You will get back in your stride but it will take time and you have to take it easy for a few more weeks, just build up the running slowly until your body is comletely charged up again, just like Oldgirl said.

I wouldn't worry about weight loss until you feel 100% again.

Please be proud of doing Race for Life; you weren't well and did brilliantly to get out there at all. :)


Thanks TJFlute, really nice of you to respond :) You'll all be pleased to hear that I have my running gear on this morning and I'm going to head off for a jog very soon. x


you've done good, and are continuing to do good

i also did the race for life in june - worked like a b@$t@>d at it too - and still had to walk bits of it and i wasn't ill

i also do sw - and trust me sometimes i REALLY don't feel the love with that either,


YOU'RE DOING IT, just on cruise control for a little while, you will pick it up again, but listen to your body, push yourself too hard too soon you'll be out for even longer

keep the faith


ps how was yesterday's jog?

try reading 'run fat bitch run' - she changed my life


Hey Fallaha - thanks for your message. It's good to hear that I am not the only one struggling :) I did really well last week, managed two short runs. I've heard good and bad reports on 'Run fat bitch, run'. You would reccommend then? x


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