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my motivation this week has been missing and findin it hard to work up to actually going out and runnin was extremely busy over the weekend and could go for my second run of week 2 and then had a bad couple days of work so havent gone and im sure most of it is laziness but just cant get the will to go but i now i need to im going to try and go tonight im just i duno stuck i guess thought id post on here and hopefully get some motivation or just to vent really as i now i should and ive always felt great after running just need to go really

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It's always hard to get into a new routine, but if you focus on how good you feel after you done your run I'm sure that the motivation will soon come back.

Happy running :)


thanks went for a run today but now my ankle is absolutely throbbing hope i havent done anything to it as i got my motivation back :)


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