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W4R2 - harder than W4R1

I did the second run of week 4 on Monday evening. I usually do anything to avoid running on Mondays, as I'm always so tired, but due to work commitments at the end of this week, I had no choice.

As per my previous blog, I'd been surprised at how easy I found the first run of week 4 (almost TOO easy), but that wasn't the case this time. I think the lack of rain made it harder (am I the only person who actually prefers running in the rain??), as it meant I got hotter. The first couple of runs were difficult, but I did have a bit more energy for the final 3 minute and 5 minutes runs, so I ran them a bit faster, which made me feel like I'd had more of a workout, and I finished on a high. I'm finding after pretty much every session, I go home feeling like I've had A Good Run, which is nice - makes me feel positive about things.

Doing the final session of week 4 this evening, and then I won't be able to get out again until Sunday, as I'm running a 4-day residential event at work. I'm hoping this enforced slightly-longer break is going to be good for my bad knee - it's getting progressively worse as the runs are getting longer, and I'm icing it daily, so I think a bit of a break will do it good.

Oh, and despite the fact that last week I was so nervous about starting week 4 (and haven't even finished that yet), I'm already getting excited about week 5! Nearly halfway through now :)

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I'm just the opposite; I found the second run (which I did this morning) to be easier than the first run. Although I was still huffing at the end of it! :P

I love running in the rain! But a light drizzle is much preferred over a heavy downpour as being able to see where I'm going is very important.

Great job finishing the second run though! Hopefully you'll find the 3rd run easier. Let's hope the long break does your knee good.


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