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Last run of week 7 - own music & back on track. YESSSS

I've found week 7 better than week 6 but not exactly been thrilled by the music on the podcast this week. Going from 'telephone hold music' to 'heavy beats' I found I couldn't get a decent rhythm going at all. By the end of R2 I was swearing at Laura as I felt I could do better but was being held back by the slowness of the music.

Today, armed with my own playlist I ran for 25 minutes and 30 seconds - those 30 seconds are very important!!

Somehow I had managed to put the 'shuffle' funtion on, it wasn't intentional but I'm glad I had.. my MP3 player knew when to throw the right song at me today thats for sure! Although the 1st song (Madness & 'Embarrassment') probably wasn't the best start lol, but at least it was for the warm up walk.

Then in kicks Rick Astley, he's NEVER gonna give me up!! so somehow I managed to up the pace for the 1st 10 minutes. When I started flagging and had to drop the speed to my normal pace in kick Take That to Relight My Fire. I managed to muster up enough breath for a couple of UH-UH's on that one :) Got my breath back and upped the pace for another 2.5 minutes.

By this time, feeling the pace a bit, in come Wham with Young Gun's Go For It - so I did. before I knew it one of my favourite songs came on and saw me to the end of my run, Reverend & the Makers with Heavyweight Champion of the World. That's how I felt at the end, even had enough energy for a couple of whoops and punching my arms in the air. :D

Final warm down walk with Odyssey singing 'zipping up my boots' because I had enough breath to do it :)

Roll on week 8!

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After reading your post, I want to go get an MP3 player! I can definitely see where the right tunes could help. My brain worm "march" is beginning to grate...maybe some Lady Gaga!

Going great...two weeks yet!



I have to say my own music really helped. I really feel back into it again now. Nothing like a bit of 80's pop to get the running started :)


yay doggymum, my kind of music - I'm more deterred by tales on here of podcast music to come than increase to minutes of running :)


I think that's my problem now too, not sure I want to go through with the week 8 podcast..... maybe I'll just stick to my own stuff as I know that it's more likely to keep me going for an extra 3 minutes!


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