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Week 3 - running additional


I am currently on week 3 of C25K and finding it ok (using the get running app for i phone) , I have been running between 5-20 mins extra at the end of each of the run days and dont know whether I should skip ahead a week or 2 or keep plodding on doing additional if I feel able.

Im also not always having rest days (mainly because running gives me 30 mins for myself)

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

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I think it's difficult to comment because we don't know your age/level of fitness/weight etc etc

I don't think you gain anything by skipping on a week or two, but ultimately you are the best judge of that!

As for rest days, I would definitely stick to having them. You have a lot to lose if you injure yourself.

Instead, to have 30 minutes to yourself, why not try walking/swimming or doing pilates on your 'rest' days


Ooh, I could imagine Laura telling you off over this! Doesn't she say to just follow the podcasts and don't run any more than she tells you to even if you think you can?! Admittedly, I've been guilty too of adding a couple of mins to the last run of some sessions because I feel quite good, but that's as far as it's gone (and I even feel a bit guilty for it!). I would definitely make sure that you take the rest day(s) in between each run. If you're getting 'addicted' to exercise, then just go for a swim or other low-impact activity on your days off.


I used to do the occasional extra run, extra few minutes etc but as the runs get longer, I think the rest days get more important. Don't forget, you have a huge choice of alternative exercise to do on rest days - anything non-impact really. Cycling, swimming, walking, yoga, pilates, resistance training, cross-training etc etc

You need to rest the "running muscles" but that doesn't mean you can't exercise on rest days. I do yoga once a week and go to the gym for a mixture of resistance training, cycling or cross-trainer, power plate exercises, dumbells etc...

I enjoy it all :-)


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