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Singing in the rain

Despite the torrential rain this morning, I have had my best run to date :-)

Wk6r2 and I felt as if I was a "proper" runner. From the first step my run felt right and I increased speed slightly. Those 10 mins flew by and I was really enjoying myself:-)

On the 3 min walk I did wonder if I'd pushed myself too far and I also realised that the route I had taken now involved 3 big hills. I thought I had 2 options- one to reverse my route to avoid hills thus ending on a high or option 2 to try it and if I can't do it then to turn around. I decided to give them a go. Dug really deep and managed it - more like a weird tippy toey thing I had going up the mountains ,sorry hills, but I did it!! I must have looked as if I was dancing in the rain- I certainly was singing by the time the last 10 mins were up!! :-)

I can honestly say that 6 weeks ago I would never have dreamt I would be thinking things like this. I would have been out of puff walking those hills. Anyone who is starting out on this programme I promise you it DOES work. It makes you belive in yourself and your body's ability. Just follow the weeks and before you know it you will be on an endorphin high too :-)

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My run last night also involved rain and hills and it was great! I also had a tip toe technique for the hills, made it a lot easier. The rain was really refreshing, although I did nearly go flying on my bum in a mud patch and my trainers are a bit worse for wear :)


Lovely blog, well done! The rain can have its benefits and good for you for tackling the hills, its best not to overthink and just go for it. I hope run 3 is just as enjoyable. :)


Thank you both!

Glad I'm not the only one with tippy toey running.

Watch Out for mud though. Wouldn't be good to do ourselves an injury

Onwards and upwards!! :-)


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