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Running schedule to follow after 15 day break , pre run and post run diet

To much courage needed for a morning Jog , completed week2 second run then went off for 15 day break ; should i continue from again week 1 first run or start from week 2 .

Should the runs to be done only in the morning or can it be done in evening ; post office in Gym treadmill at 8 pm .

During the week 1 and 2 i felt a burning sensation in stomach during running is it related to Pre run diet ..

What is the diet to be followed Pre run to avoid cramps and exhaustion and post run to recover for the day .

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Hi, personally I would try a W2 run and gauge from that wether to then go onto W3 or redo the whole of W2. I run anytime that suits my day, as early as 7am, as late as 6pm so far... As far as pre-run diet I don't run until about 2 hours after a meal (so tend to run before), about half hour or so before make sure I've drunk some water and have a banana maybe. So far no prob with cramp or stomach issues :) Post run I have water or juice then the yummy meal I've been dreaming of whilst out with Laura, it is all personal though & finding what works for you - good times


where you start again after a break depends on your level of fitness. The walk should be brisk enough to be just short of a trot so if you can do that happily, then carry on where you left off. You can run whenever you like, 8pm sounds fine, although you'll have to arrange your evening meal to suit and if you plan to have a post-run snack, make sure it's not going to impact upon your meal later. Don't run if you've recently eaten a meal, and afterwards try peanut butter on toast, a banana or other fruit, juice, milk (chocolate milk is a popular post-run snack) or water or breakfast if you've run at the start of the day. Water will help prevent stitch and cramps.


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