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Run through the pain!!!!

Well, had a side splittingly funny conversation with my sister this morning which put me in a really good mood so when my jobs were done, I went to the gym to complete run 2 of week 3 which as everyone knows, I had been dreading!

The first 90 seconds seemed easy, the first 3 minutes seemed hard (my shins wondered what had hit them!) but I kept a chant going (in my head lol) RUN THROUGH THE PAIN, RUN THROUGH THE PAIN. It worked!!!!

So that's it, run 2 completed. Run 3 will be on Wednesday so maybe, just maybe, I might be able to start week 4 on Friday.

Thanks for reading. Happy running.

Oh ps, have lost another 3 lbs so I am not far off having lost 2.5stone so something's working somewhere!!!

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Well done you. I think it gets easier as your body gets more used to the exercise you ask it to do, so soon you'll be able to chant "I love to run, I'll soon be there" :) Well done on your weight loss too, excellent result.


thanks oldgirl


Well done! My next run on Wednesday is W3R1 and I am AFRAID! So it's great to hear about conquering the pain. I guess it's a question of 'No pain, no gain'. I have faith in the programme to get us there.


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