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Week 1 Run 1

Thank you all for the lovely messages of encouragement. It helps to give a shove in the right direction ;).

I have now completed what I consider to be my week 1 run 1. The first one doesn't count since I didn't finish it! But I started off slower today and was able to complete all 8 of the one minute runs - Laura was very encouraging! I had to pause just before the first run as I was coming up to a busy road - I want to get fit not flat!

I ran on the beach again. It was later in the day so was a little cooler, which can't have been bad :)

I am actually looking forward to my next run... Never thought I'd be saying that!

I've got a blister on my foot, should I get blister plasters or just hope it goes away and doesn't happen again?

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Well done! It's a great feeling ticking those runs off :)

It must be hard running on the beach!? are you running actually on the sand?

I would get a blister plaster and maybe think about some running socks to try prevent getting any more.

Mary x


Well done! :)

I'd get a blister plaster also, when I first started my trainers gave me blisters and without the comfort it killed and all I could concentrate on was trying not to make them rub/hurt more.

cover them up and you will forget you have them.


hi, if your feet don't agree with blister plasters try zinc oxide tape applied generously over it and slather tape and the surrounding area with petroleum jelly this has worked for walks in the past, just be careful to eliminate those wrinkles :) there should be instructive vids on youtube somewhere ...


I bought the sainsburys running socks after recommendations on here (and they were on offer!) they are apparently good for preventing blisters x


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