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Week Nine Run Two - So close!

I'm not as active around here as I used to be. It's because the running has been a bit infrequent since I somehow damaged my knee :( I'm really sad about this because I miss my routine but I don't think it's a good idea to keep going when I could just be making things worse. I've been trying to get an appointment with a physiotherapist who will hopefully be able to help.

I've run week nine run two so just one left til I graduate but goodness knows when it'll be!! I'm trying not to get too upset that things have been difficult but it's hard. The running has made me feel a lot better and it's rubbish not being able to do it regularly. I may go swimming tomorrow and try and cheer myself up.

Glad to see everyone else is doing well. Enjoy the good weather when it comes!

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Are there any aqua jog classes near you ? If you enjoy swimming anyway, they are ideal exercise for injured runners as you would be exercising the same muscles but without any impact on your damaged knee. It would probably mean you could take up where you left off once your knee is better.

I hope you are recovered soon but please don't feel too down about things in the meantime - come and have a moan about things on here if it helps. You've done so well, get your knee sorted and you can get your running shoes back on :-)


I feel for you as somebody who has beem totally lazy for 30 years. I hate it when my head feels good my lungs feel good but my muscles don't want to go along with the program. I hope you get back on track soon.

Cheers Steve


Hope the knee is getting better - don't rush it and hope to see your graduation blog soon :-)


How's it going now with the knee hope you will soon posting the graduation blog.


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