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Going easy on myself

Hello all,

It's been five weeks or so since I graduated I think

I'm no faster, I'm probably no thinner but boy am I enjoying the new "me"

I love the buzz, I love feeling better, I love the feeling of achievement afterwards. I did a run last night. Got a stitch (first one strangely) in the first five mins, ordinarily I would have given in straight away, but I slowed right down to "bouncy walk speed" and completed 3.5 miles in 45 mins! So so slow, but I was so pleased I didnt quit and so delighted to be able to run for 45 mins, my breathing was fab all the way thought so my fitness surprised me. The more I'm doing the less bothered I am by distance, times, etc I'm just enjoying it as part of my routine and that makes me so unbelievable proud!

I feel like I could never go back to a life without exercise, how fab is that??

Just thought I'd share


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This is how to be a contented runner! I did it for a year before 'the push' happened!

Bliss: keep it up!


Super! hope this happens to me :)


That's the spirit, Nicky!

Now that I'm (newly) a runner, I've promised myself that I will never lose this level of fitness again. Being out of shape caused problems not only with strength and health but also with mental attitude. I hated what I had become.'ve arrived at that "sweet spot" in your fitness level that will serve you well.



Sound great - I can't wait unti I graduate.


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