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I wonder when (if) I will ever make it look easy!?! LOL

So, I did W8 R2 today, was tough going but I did it! I always feel great before a run (I look forward to it) and after I fel great for completing it but I don't really enjoy the 'during'!!! I wonder if this will change! After I graduate I will continue doing 3 x 30 mins a week but I do wonder will they gradually feel 'easier'... will I get less puffed, less red faced and less sweaty after! Jeeze it pours off me! I guess time will tell... I'm signed up for a 4k fun run in October and would love to complete it effortlessly rather than having to push myself as much as I do now.

Can't believe the finish line is in sight though, only four more runs to go!!!!!

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I'm sure you'll find it a lot easier by October - lots of runs between now and then ! :-)

You may find the actual run more enjoyable if you try and vary the routes as much as possible.


It year this time you'll look back and say " much more I'm enjoying running now than then." Every time out adds to your conditioning, and teachs your body how to become more efficient. By October you'll be doing really well.

Just between you and I, running still isn't "enjoyable" for me...but I'm hoping to get there, or at least beyond the puffing, panting, and struggling up every incline stage. I know from "my previous life", it takes lots of miles of running to get strong (and good) at it. But, o, like you sure feels good when I stop.

By this time I'm sure I don't have to remind you to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, I personally think it's very important to "comfortable" running, right up there with stretching.

Continued good running to you....enjoy!


angelmummy - I'm with you on this one - wk8r2 next... love the before and after, not so enamoured of the during. In fact, usually find the first 5 mins really feel tough, and about half way through I consider having a little girlie cry before I tell myself to stop being such a wuss and get on with it. The last few minutes seem to feel a bit more positive! keep going, it's gotta get better !


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