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On the home straight

Yesterday I completed Week 8 so only 3 more runs to go.

Started yesterdays run dry, then started spitting by the time I'd reached the end of the village it was chucking down and I was a drowned rat and by the time I got home the sun was shining - what a mixture of weather and all in 30 minutes.

Have had a rest day today and I have a slight twinge in my left knee so am going to have another rest day. Run Tuesday and Thursday and do another Park Run for my graduation run.

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Exciting weather ! Good luck with your next few runs, it will be nice to graduate at a Park Run, I think. :-)


Very smart thinking, morningglory, taking an extra rest day for that knee. You are soooo close now, no sense taking a chance on having to put off that green "badge of glory".

Good luck to you...hope it was just a twinge....looking forward to seeing your W9R3 post!


Good luck now you have got this far you can not fail. I have had to put up with a few twinges. It took me a years to get where I am what's a few days more play it safe.

Cheers Steve


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