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Week 1 Run 1 - Doing a 'mum-run' !

First time out today. Lovely woman on the podcast isn't she, very encouraging! Went OK actually, perhaps I'm not as incredibly unfit as I look. Tried to use those roads less travelled for fear of somebody seeing me and proved fairly successful, although when I did see somebody at the end they asked me how my walk had gone? Suppose it's sods law that if you are running and walking the only time you will be seen is when you are running! Plan to do wk1run2 this Tuesday and might see if I can make more of a marked difference between the walking and running phases :) Couldn't help feeling that when I caught sight of myself in window reflections that I looked like a mum running to pick up a small child who has fallen over, i.e. doing the 'mum-run' - a sort of urgent but half-hearted attempt at speed. . .

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Well done for starting, and lol at your 'mum-run', I'm half way through week 8 and have perfected that to a T! I certainly won't be winning any awards for speed, but as Laura continues to say, its more about distance than pace. Keep it up!!


It's early days yet ! Well done for starting - in a couple of weeks or so you'll be thrilled with your progress.


Thanks angelmummy and sfb350, I'm pretty amazed that I managed to run for 8 minutes, it seems easy when Laura breaks it up into little chunks. I wonder how steep the transition is from one week to the next as it seems unlikely at the moment that I will be running 5K non-stop in 9 weeks!?


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