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I did week 2 run 3 this morning and really tried to concentrate on my breathing - I realised this is what holds me back as when I was controlling my breathing the 90 secs came round more quickly! Am hoping this is something I can continue to work on as I anxiously go into week 3!! This site and everyone's blogs and questions has been a real motivation THANK YOU!!!

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I struggle with my breathing too & find if I concentrate on it too much it makes me worse, I've found that singing along to my music (in my head!!) helps me breathe......seems a bit weird but honest it does work!


I think it was during week 4 & 5 that my breathing fell into place. it is hard to stop gasping for air but once those longer sessions come it will fall into place.

I personally couldnt do the 4 count thing but after a while the breathing becomes more natural & you even stop thinking about it :)

good luck with week 3. X


Yes, like Shelleymcb says, the breathing rhythm does seem to start falling in place of it's own accord, especially as you get into the longer runs. It's good to be mindful of it, but don't let it become a frustration. If you're running and breathing that's what counts. Very important to NOT hold your breath...(lol). Some of us never accomplish the correct breathing pattern...being asthmatic myself, my pattern is more "gasp! wheeze! gasp! wheeze!" but it is getting better. It's all about conditioning, and conditioning comes with practice.

Good luck to you with your running....and enjoy!


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