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Struggling a bit to keep going for full 30 minutes

Didn't manage to do the Parkrun yesterday as was out walking so decided to run the course on my own today. Was struggling a bit as my hip was hurting and ended up slowing to a walk at about 3k as there was a pretty strong head wind.According to Endomondo did the 5k in 33 minutes which is OK but I can do better. Last time I was out on my local run I did about 25 minutes.

I've been listening to week 9 Podcasts but actually find the 5 minute segments quite hard. I know it's daft but some segments always seem longer than others - 5 to 10 and 20 to 25 seem the worst! Today I gave up and just put the music on my phone onto shuffle which had the advantage of adding interest as I didn't know what was coming up next.

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I have to admit that I never did the podcasts but did the zen lap app and had my own running track list playing.

I found that I got stuck in a rut with both the music and the route. I had an expectation of where I should be when a track started and even how I should feel. So I found mixing it up helped. I worked out some new routes and did a new playlist. I also worked out a new running plan sticking to a 3 run cycle. 1st run for 45mins. 2nd run a 5k. 3rd run only about 2.3miles but using lamposts for interval training swapping between jog and proper run. I've found my 5k is faster and easier doing this and I don't get bored or stuck in a rut.


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