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What to do after a holiday break??!!

I'm going abroad for 2 weeks. If the worst happens and I dont run at all, can I just carry on as normal when I get home? I became a graduate 2 months ago and now run 3x 30mins a week. I'm just wondering if I will strugle if I try to run for 30mins if I have a 2 week break? I do plan on taking my trainers with me..just worse case scenario!!! Advice please!! :)

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I was flicking through a running magazine at Sainsbury's this morning and it said that you don't lose fitness for 10-14 days . So I reckon you should be OK even if the worst happens and you don't get a run in while you're away. Have a nice holiday. :-)


Ohhhh!!!! Thanks Miss_T_Ide !!! That's just the news I was hoping to hear!!! :D :D :D


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