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W8r1 - Fuel in the tank but the drive shaft is crumbling!

Managed the 28 minutes today, which I was really chuffed about, but disconcerting aches and pains dogging me all the more as I run.

4 mins into the run I felt a strange twanging sensation in my lower left calf and then a wierd feeling as if a bubble popped there under my skin. I stopped and checked it out, having a little stretch. It was all tight again. I felt like giving up, but decided to see if I could run through it - didn't know if that was wise or stupid but couldn't face throwing in the towel having just started!

It ached, but not so badly so I carried on. By the time I'd hit 20 minutes I was really plodding, starting to set myself tiny goals to reach - just to that snail, now to that bit of rubbish, to that plant, just one more beach hut etc. etc.

In the last 2 mins, my hip was aching, my calves were buzzing and my legs frankly were behaving like they belonged to somebody else.

It's frustrating, because I feel that I've still got energy, and my recovery times are much faster, I'm breathing hard but not gasping and my chest isn't tight, so it feels like the top half of me can run better than my legs can!

I'm REALLY hoping this is just the product of 20 odd years of little activity, that it's just my muscles/ligaments/joints etc, catching up, and that I WILL get to the stage where I can run more comfortably, and not have to walk like I'm 104 for the whole day following a run day. The last time I didn't feel I had to drag myself through a run was around week 6 I think.

I am a runner. I AM a runner... AM I a runner?!

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Haha this has made me giggle! Its so nice to hear that some one else is hurting and that their legs feel like they belong to some one else! I have just finished week 6 so lets see how the legs go on week 7 next week! The word jelly springs to mind and I too feel like I am 104 at times after the runs! Good luck :-)


nice to know I'm not on my own! Here's to us as we wobble on :) Legs coming back to me over the last 24 hours - going downstairs no longer filling me with horror, so it must be nearly time for another run... All the best with week 7, debs1664


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