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Week 5 Run 1: tick

That was hard! I know its not meant to be easy but wow! To be fair though my pacing was all off, I was running a smidge faster because as soon as I stepped out of the door it started spitting and I really wanted to get back before the heavens opened.

Laura is right, I do recover faster in the walking breaks, feeling great afterwards despite having to drag my carcass through this run. Does it matter that I found it so hard? should I do it again or is the fact that I did it enough to progress to the next run?

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I just kept plugging're conditioning is starting to show now in your quicker recovery times. Nothing hurting? The programme will "push your envelope" each run. Make sure you are taking that rest's very important to both your body and mind. You'll be a runner in no time.

Good luck, and good running!


No pains at the moment, had a little shin pain weeks 2/3 but it has cleared up now. I will keep plodding on, it's hard during the run but after a shower I feel amazing :-) and this site is full of motivational, inspirational and friendly people - its really helping to keep me going


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