Couch to 5K

Week 3 Day 2

The run itself went well with my pace slightly increased since the first run. Monday's run finished at exactly 2 laps (approximately 1.6 miles according to Google); today's run finished a little ways past that, so I went ahead and completed the third lap accompanied by a few of my own mp3s.

I found the first 3 minute run to be slightly more difficult than last time; by the time Laura said "slow down" I was huffing and quite out of breath. The second 3 minute run wasn't as bad though and I had enough energy to push my speed a bit during the final 60 seconds.

(more detailed blog here:

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I often found the second run easier - I think need time to warm up. You are bombing through this though - well done!


Thanks! I'm trying to get as much of it under my belt before my son and I go to Pontins (Prestatyn) for a long weekend in August. That weekend will completely mess up my running days. But it's a yearly tradition and I can't/won't sacrifice it. :) I'm dreading next week and week 5 though!


You are really doing great, MuirDragonne!

Just be careful of doing too much extra (Grammadog knows whereof she speaks)...but as long as you aren't having any pain you seem to be ok.

Good to hear you are coming right along....Enjoy!


My knees tend to ache for a day after a run, but they're ok when the next run day gets here. Well, so far at least! :P Thankfully, my support shoes really seem to be doing the trick for my ankles - they haven't bothered me since I got them!


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