W6R1 - First blog!

This is the first time I've blogged, but I read everyone else's with interest!

I wonder if anyone else does the same as me - if I misjudge my distance, and finish farther away than I'd expected, I always think "now, how am I going to get home?!" I usually start listening to the next podcast, just for encouragement (but just walk...I'm not mad!)

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  • Hi, Brompette....something I do is to check my watch....at 15 minutes it's time to turn around and head back toward home, no matter where I am in the run.

  • I try not to do an "out and back" - I prefer a circular route..harder to judge!

  • Each new week I have to tweak my circular route, lots of interconnecting streets around here & so far I can just add or subtract a few as needed. Well done on getting to week 6, I've got that to aim for yet.

  • I'm doing the same circular route each week and am amazed at the different distances I end up from home. Last week - week 3 - I was nowhere near and had about a 10 minute extra walk at the end. This week - week 4 - I am almost home. My aim is to get a bit closer to home on run 3 tomorrow. Anything to motivate myself!

  • Yes, I'm getting to know my routes too. I went faster at the end of my run today, to get a bit nearer home by my finish!

  • Yes, I have got carried away and ended up walking miles back to the car very often! When I was doing the programme my first outside runs (week 8 run 2 and week 9) were in minus temperatures, I didnt mind the low temperatures at all whilst running but then once I stopped running it was horrible! I soon learned to judge my route better!

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